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Jodi G Designs Montecito Santa Barbara Interior Design | In-Trinity Dojo


A deliberate space inspired by the restorative experience of the workout itself, the Santa Barbara’s In-Trinity dojo provides foundation of connection and unity.

In-Trinity® is an elevated fitness board and training system that invigorates the body and revitalizes the mind through movements developed and launches worldwide by Johnny G, Jodi’s husband and the creator of Spinning®. Santa Barbara was selected as the location for In-Trinity®’s first dedicated fitness studio, providing the opportunity to develop an integrated studio experience from the ground up. To enhance the restorative experience of the workout itself, Jodi G Designs created a deliberate space that transports you into a world of peacefulness — primed for an experience of physical and mental revitalization. The open concept of the studio allows for a seamless shift between the entry, boutique and studio spaces, representing In-Trinity’s foundation of connection and unity. Handmade dream catchers, mud cloth textiles and stone-carved ‘words of wisdom’ were utilized to nfuse the space with character and soul. In-Trinity’s lifestyle boutique is a hand-curated selection of apparel, home goods and jewelry by Jodi G Designs. 

The Dojo is a sweet sanctuary for mind, body, and soul. Every detail is exquisite—from the absolutely gorgeous design elements, to the items in the carefully curated lifestyle boutique, to the mindful classes.
— LA Yoga Magazine